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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
3"Just Buttons"$20.00
9"Histoire De Boutons"$30.00
10Tice Guide$40.00
11Celluloid Buttons$20.00
12Celluloid Buttons$20.00
13Celluloid Buttons$30.00
14Celluloid Buttons$0.00
15Celluloid Buttons$0.00
16Mostly Celluloid$20.00
18Celluloid Wafers$200.00
19Celluloid Plus Buttons$20.00
21Satsuma Buttons$120.00
22Ceramic Buttons$0.00
23Ceramic Head Button$0.00
24Ceramic Buttons$210.00
25Kutani Buttons$40.00
26Satsuma Buttons$170.00
27Ceramic Birds$0.00
28Large Porcelain Button$0.00
29Anna Hranovska Ceramic Button$30.00
30Ruskin Buttons$55.00
31China Buttons$30.00
32Calico Buttons$0.00
33China Buttons$20.00
34TWISS Buttons$50.00
35China Buttons$75.00
36China Whistle Buttons$25.00
37Mixed Chinas$20.00
38Pattern Eyes$0.00
40China Buttons$40.00
41Enameled or Painted$60.00
42Enamel Buttons$140.00
43Asian Enamel Buttons$35.00
44Realistic Butterfly Button$35.00
45Enamel Buttons$65.00
46Limoges Buttons$95.00
47Enamel Pieces$50.00
48Foil Under Enamel$20.00
49Enamel Fly Button$55.00
50Enamel Buttons$40.00
51Fabric Presidents$20.00
52Fabric Buttons$0.00
53Velvet Backgrounds$35.00
54Kimono Buttons$0.00
55Fabric Buttons$35.00
56Fabric Buttons$20.00
57Fabric Buttons$0.00
58Black Glass$0.00
59Black Glass Buttons$0.00
60Black Glass Buttons$0.00
61Black Glass Buttons$0.00
62Imitation Fabric$25.00
63Riveted Black Glass$20.00
64Black Glass Buttons$110.00
65Buildings on Black Glass$40.00
66Black Glass Buttons$20.00
67Black Glass Buttons$85.00
68Black Glass$0.00
69Black Glass $70.00
70Glass Buttons$130.00
71Glass Buttons$40.00
74Blue Glass$30.00
75Design Under/In Glass$25.00
76Peter Ben Buttons$45.00
77Glass Buttons$80.00
78Gooderham Buttons$75.00
80Lampworked Glass$30.00
81Clear Glass$20.00
82Glass with Goldstone$65.00
83Mostly Moonglows$110.00
84A Mix$40.00
85White & Off-White$65.00
86Glass Buttons$70.00
87Popper Buttons$50.00
88Old Glass Buttons$150.00
89Glass Buttons$40.00
90Glass in Glass$30.00
91Lacy Glass$110.00
92Clear Glass$85.00
93Old Glass Buttons$120.00
94Pigeon Eye Buttons$50.00
95Old Glass Buttons$40.00
96Glass in Metal$20.00
98Glass in Metal$30.00
99Mosaic Buttons$140.00
100Glass in Metal Buttons$20.00
101Glass in Metal Buttons$30.00
102Jewel Buttons$80.00
103Unusual Inset Glass in Metal$35.00
104Glass in Metal Buttons$20.00
105Glass in Metal$190.00
106Sample Cards$0.00
108Horn Buttons$45.00
109Horn Spindles$200.00
110Comp & Horn$20.00
111Molded Horn Buttons$25.00
112Comp & Horn$80.00
113Old Bone Buttons$20.00
114Bone Button Bases$20.00
115Antler Buttons$0.00
116Aluminum Buttons$30.00
117Aluminum Buttons$20.00
118Bag Lot$20.00
119Coin Buttons$20.00
120Bright Cut Pewter$20.00
121Coin Type Buttons$0.00
122Pierced Silver$20.00
123Hop Basket$20.00
124Liberty Button$120.00
125Silver Heads$85.00
126Native American Silver$70.00
1273 Steel Cups$20.00
128Filigree Buttons$35.00
129Woman Feeding Birds$120.00
130Steel Cup Buttons$60.00
132Metal Buttons$130.00
133Crystalized Tin$0.00
134Small Steel Buttons$55.00
135Steel Buttons$20.00
136Steel Cups$45.00
137Repro Pewter Buttons$0.00
138Old Brass Buttons$70.00
139Mixed Metals$50.00
140Twinkle Buttons$35.00
142Brass with Cut Steels$40.00
143Jacksonians Plus$70.00
144Golden Age Era Buttons$55.00
145Old Metal Buttons$25.00
146Plain Faced Brass Buttons$20.00
147Jacksonians Plus Cousins$65.00
148Brass Buttons$55.00
149Golden Age Buttons$45.00
150Metal Picture Buttons$45.00
151Metal Buttons$20.00
1522 Cards$120.00
153Painted Brass$20.00
154Twinkle Buttons$30.00
155Bag Lot$1,250.00
156Metal Buttons$20.00
157Interesting Gilt Button$60.00
158Children's Story Buttons$40.00
159Golden Age Buttons$65.00
160Small Metals$190.00
161Copper Roosevelt Button$35.00
162Kevin Kinne Button$20.00
163Golden Age Buttons$20.00
164Bird Heads$30.00
165Horse Button$20.00
166ULL Button$20.00
1672500 Plus Buttons$600.00
168Shell Slides$20.00
169Rose Button$25.00
170Shell Buttons$110.00
171"Colonial" Pearls$50.00
172Eiffel Tower Buttons$0.00
173Shell Buttons$25.00
174Shell Buttons$80.00
175Shell Buttons$70.00
176Shell Buttons$40.00
177Shell Realistics$65.00
178Cameo Weskit Buttons$100.00
179Shell Classification$90.00
180Transfers on Pearl$25.00
181White Shell$95.00
182Cut Steels$230.00
183Shell $40.00
184Shell Buttons$20.00
185Shell Buttons$440.00
186Coat Buttons$20.00
188Large Plastic Buttons$25.00
189Bakelite Plus$50.00
190Bakelite Buttons$80.00
191British Bakelite$0.00
192Bakelite Buttons$35.00
193Coat Buttons$50.00
195Bakelite Buttons$30.00
196Bakelite Buttons$40.00
197Red & Yellow Buttons$35.00
198Diane Ford Necklace$55.00
199Bakelite Buttons$50.00
200Book: "Lea Stein Jewelry"$25.00