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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
42 Booklets$20.00
9Book: Military Button Makers$30.00
10Uniform Button Booklets$25.00
11Cream & Black Buttons$20.00
12Large Celluloid Oval Button$0.00
13Celluloid Buttons$60.00
14Celluloid Buttons$35.00
15Celluloid Buttons$50.00
16Ivoroid Fops Button$30.00
17Realistic Celluloid Flowers Button$20.00
18Victorian Celluloid Buttons$140.00
19Cream & Black Buttons$40.00
20Box of Celluloid Buttons$200.00
21Calkins Buttons$60.00
222018 NBS Show Button$35.00
23Satsuma Car Button$35.00
24Satsumas & Aritas$45.00
25Satsuma Geisha Buttons$180.00
26Satsuma Ball Buttons$140.00
27Ceramic Kate Greenaway Buttons$70.00
28Ceramic Buttons$55.00
29Satsuma Buttons$310.00
30Satsuma Buttons$75.00
31China Buttons$0.00
32China Buttons$230.00
33China Whistle Buttons$25.00
34China Stencil Buttons$300.00
35China Buttons$70.00
365250 China Buttons$130.00
37China Whistle Buttons$30.00
38China Gaiter Buttons$30.00
39Very Unusual China Buttons$35.00
41A Mix of Buttons$45.00
42Enamel Buttons$260.00
43Enamel Buttons$130.00
44Enamel Buttons$170.00
45Enamel Buttons$65.00
46Enamel buttons$95.00
47Enamel Buttons$85.00
48Enamel Buttons$140.00
49Gondola Button$45.00
50Fabric Buttons$0.00
51Fabric Buttons$20.00
52Thread Back Buttons$45.00
53Pad Back Buttons$20.00
54Set of Fabric Buttons$40.00
55Store Cards of Fabric Buttons$20.00
56Garter Buttons$45.00
57Woven & Wound Fabric Buttons$45.00
58Black Glass Buttons$25.00
59Black Glass Buttons$50.00
60Black Glass Buttons$25.00
61Black Glass Buttons$20.00
62Black Glass Buttons$20.00
63Large Imitation Fabric Black Glass Buttons$35.00
64Black Glass Buttons$50.00
65Black Glass Buttons$25.00
66Black Glass Buttons$20.00
67Tingue Buttons$140.00
68Black Glass Buttons$20.00
69Sample Card$40.00
70Box of Glass Buttons$35.00
71Moonglow Glass Buttons$40.00
72Glass Buttons$20.00
73Art Deco Glass Buttons$20.00
74Clear Glass Buttons$130.00
75Czech Glass Buttons$35.00
77Paperweight Buttons$60.00
78Paperweight Buttons$50.00
79Art Deco Buttons$20.00
80Orange & Yellow Glass Buttons$30.00
81Glass Dog Buttons$55.00
82Paperweight Buttons$30.00
84Glass Buttons$120.00
85Glass Buttons$210.00
86Old Glass Buttons$50.00
87Old Glass Buttons$110.00
88Kaleidoscope Buttons$270.00
89Popper Spindle Button$50.00
90Old Glass Buttons$55.00
91Glass Buttons$100.00
92Tortoise & Red Glass Buttons$25.00
93Glass Buttons$65.00
94Blown Glass Buttons$0.00
95Old Glass Buttons$60.00
96Glass in Metal Buttons$60.00
97Glass in Metal Buttons$20.00
98A Mix $20.00
99Glitzy Buttons$40.00
100Large Glass in Metal Button$40.00
101Waistcoat Buttons$80.00
102Glass in Metal Buttons$35.00
103Weskits Plus Buttons$30.00
104Glass in Metal Buttons$50.00
105Peacock Eye Buttons$400.00
106Bag of Buttons$55.00
107Igloo Button$20.00
108Inlaid Horn Button$55.00
109Large Winter Scene$45.00
110Bone Buttons$75.00
111Horn Buttons$30.00
112Interesting Bone Buttons$30.00
113Inlay Buttons$220.00
114Horn Buttons$70.00
115A Mix$30.00
116White Metal Buttons$65.00
117Store Cards$20.00
118Steel Buttons$20.00
119Kellogg's Buttons$20.00
120Metal Buttons$70.00
121Bargas Button$30.00
122Pewter Buttons$30.00
123Wooing Couple$20.00
124Native American Buttons$320.00
125Sets of Pewter Buttons$35.00
126Cut Steel Buttons$30.00
127Steel Buttons$45.00
128Cut Steels$110.00
129Steel Buttons$50.00
130Blued Steel Buttons$40.00
131Sporting Buttons$120.00
132Large Steel Button$65.00
133Cut Steels$65.00
134Steel/Cut Steels$120.00
135Small Steel Cups$30.00
136Cyrano de Bergerac Button$20.00
137Blued Steel Buttons$25.00
138Large Steel Cup$30.00
139Mostly Metal Buttons$45.00
140Bags of Buttons$25.00
141Metal Picture Buttons$130.00
142Tinted Metal Buttons$85.00
143Metal Buttons$50.00
144Austrian Tiny Buttons$20.00
145Bag of Buttons$190.00
146Metal Buttons$60.00
147Small Picture Buttons$70.00
148Damascene Buttons$80.00
149Early Brass Buttons$50.00
150Bag Lot$95.00
151Picture Buttons$45.00
152Twinkle Buttons$65.00
153Bag of Old Metal Buttons$120.00
154Bag of Buttons$110.00
155Jacksonian Cousin Buttons$130.00
156Metal Buttons$340.00
157Plain Face Buttons$20.00
158Old Brass Buttons$45.00
159Brass Buttons$35.00
160Early Metal Buttons$75.00
161Copper Buttons$20.00
162Roosevelt Safari Button$35.00
163Roosevelt Safari Button$30.00
16418th Century Copper Buttons$35.00
16518th Century Copper Button$110.00
166Woman Golfing$20.00
167Bin Lot$110.00
168Old Metal Buttons$25.00
169Shell Buttons$35.00
170Shell Buttons$25.00
171Shell Buttons$40.00
172Carved Shell Buttons$50.00
173Bethlehem Pearl Button$65.00
174Shell Buttons$45.00
175Tinted Shell Button$170.00
176Shell Buttons$85.00
177Shell Buttons$35.00
178Carved Shell Buttons$160.00
179"Colonial" Pearl Buttons$70.00
181Large Etched Pearl Button$35.00
182"Door Knocker" Button$25.00
183Shell Buttons$50.00
184Shell in Metal Buttons$35.00
185Carved Shell Buttons$65.00
186Bakelite Buttons$25.00
187Lucite Buttons$35.00
188Bakelite Buttons$50.00
189A Mix$20.00
190Pavone Buttons$85.00
191Bag of Bakelite Things$110.00
192Bakelite Buttons$65.00
193Bakelite Buttons$20.00
194Rhodoid Buttons$270.00
195Bakelite Realistic Figure$20.00
196Bakelite Pin$0.00
197Laminated Bakelite Buttons$110.00
199Bakelite Buttons$40.00
200Bakelite Buttons$25.00